Joe May



CrossFit Level 2 Certification
M.Ed. Sport and Exercise Science, University of Minnesota

About Coach

I’ve been an athlete in some capacity my entire life. From playing soccer and baseball to running as a collegiate track sprinter, pushing my limits as a tactical athlete in the Army, and now as a CrossFit trainer and strength coach, I learned that pushing physical limits is something the human body needs to do. This is a reality that applies no matter what point you are at in your life!

Turning Point

Because of intensive Army training experiences, I learned the importance of pursuing a training methodology that promoted training with a long-game mindset. No one can red-line every workout and expect optimal results. Every day is your own chance to improve – make an honest effort consistently, even a little one, and good changes will happen.

Motivation & Passion

I believe in fostering a growth-oriented mindset by building your own internal motivation. That motivation comes from dedicatedly pursuing the practice of moving well. Whether you’re striving to be a top-tier savage in your sport, serving your community, or simply want to hustle with your grandkids, the first step is mastering quality movement patterns. Learning these patterns will allow you to pull out all that your body has to offer and allow you to truly find the edges of your physical performance. Whenever possible, I enjoy exploring northern Minnesota with my amazing wife of ten years, our son, and our two dogs. At home, I like barbecue in the driveway, pulling a bow back now and then, and woodworking.

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