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Michael Berler


Can split jerk 300lb+. Snatch is 245lb. Can deadlift at least 500lbs. NCAA Devision III baseball player. 117th in 2017 CrossFit games Teen Devision.


American Heart Association Certified Heartsaver - First Aid, CPR, & AED

CrossFit Level 1

M|WOD - Coach (101 & 102)

National Registered EMT (EMSRB)

Precision Nutrition L-1 Coach

About Coach

Growing up I played many sports, staying active and trying whatever I could. In high school, I swam twice a week before school so I could study better. In sophomore year, I tried CrossFit for the first time with my father and brother. I instantly loved it. A few months later I was going every day I was not swimming before school (in addition to after-school sports). The gym I first started working out, had many coaches who were also PTs who coached often using technical terms and describing physiological reasons behind mechanics. When I started learning how to coach, my mentor showed me how to approach coaching from a movement basis and work up from joint level function to overall performance. While I now, as a college student, focus on Baseball, I make sure to continue to play other sports, such as pickle ball, tennis, spike ball and basketball. Staying active is a cornerstone of my life.

Turning Point

In high school, even though I was active and played sports I was overweight. Once I started CrossFit I saw a possibility to become healthier and lose some weight but for the first six months, I found it close to impossible to instigate change. At about six months of continuous CrossFit, I started learning about how to structure my life and build around me healthy systems to guide my behavior. As I learned more about how to be healthier -- eating plans, movement breaks, mechanics, and how to increase volume safely -- I became more interested in working with others. After a year of CrossFit, I had the opportunity to be an intern and learn to coach. Knowing that I learn best when also working to teach, I leaded at the opportunity and never looked back. Thanks to a frustrating weight situation and wanting more, I found a passion for coaching.

Motivation & Passion

I love working with people. It may be corny but seeing other people work hard day in and day out is a true joy. Not only do I find learning the physiology behind movement mechanics and workout design but getting to coach people through what I have learned brings meaning to the information. My motivation is to find the right path for each person. My goal is to help people learn how to take care of themselves. I am impassioned to serve people who are not sure what path is right for them and people who are new to a group gym setting (like Skopos where group classes are typical) because I have found so much support from this environment, that even if someone does not think its for them, I want to help them find their health, whatever that may look like.

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