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Greg Berube

Owner/Head Coach


CrossFit Level 1 certification

CrossFit Level 2 certification

USAW Sports Performance Certification

West Point Kinesiology Bachelors Degree

About Coach

Prior to CrossFit, I struggled to find consistency and always saw exercise as tedious and annoying. Through the community and variability of CrossFit, I've been able to become a learner and a student of fitness and lifelong health. Opening a gym was simply the next logical step to continuing that journey myself.

Turning Point

When I began CrossFit, I had a ton of issues that I wasn't even aware of. Through the steady application of mobilization and strength, I was able to overcome most of them and begin learning how to pass that on to others. When I realized that my situation was not unique, I knew immediately that I wanted to coach and help other people to learn that their current state did not need to be their end state of health.

Motivation & Passion

I am excited to teach people how to live long and healthy lives. CrossFit is about a health continuum. Build a savings account for health. Find ways to be better than you were yesterday. If you can consistently do that, two years from now you will be a completely different and healthier individual. That small idea drives and encourages me to continue in everything I do as a coach and a business owner.

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