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Kristy Woods



American Heart Association Certified Heartsaver - First Aid, CPR, & AED

CrossFit Kids Certification

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit Weightlifting Certification

About Coach

I have always been pretty active and up for a challenge. I tried many sports throughout my childhood and eventually stuck with cheerleading in high school and college. After college, I led the Maple Grove Cheerleading program for 10 years. Over those years, I mostly lifted people and worked on core strengths. Occasionally, I would go to a globo gym but never had consistency. In 2013, that all changed when I tried CrossFit.

Turning Point

The community, the stories of strength, and the challenge are what attracted me to try CrossFit. I had recently had my second child and couldn’t even do a squat in the kitchen without falling over. I knew I wanted to get back in shape and I was eager to see if I could even CrossFit. I realized quickly that the instructor-led classes with functional fitness were exactly what I needed. It wasn’t about throwing heavy weights around, it was about being able to carry that heavy bag of water softener salt, getting off of the floor while my kids want me to hold them, and about feeling good about myself. As you get older, people don’t tell you a good job or high-five you much, and that positive energy I got at the gym was a great addition to my life. I realized I could also handle failure better. Just because I couldn’t lift a certain weight one day, didn’t mean I couldn’t lift another day in the future. It is pretty incredible how the progressions we learn in the gym, are just like the approach we need to have in real life. I became a coach in 2015 so I could help others have the same eye-opening experience I had.

Motivation & Passion

When I am not working as a Product Owner, golfing with my husband, or raising my five children, I am at Skopos Athletics coaching. I enjoy training those who are looking to improve their health. Doctors are now recommending that staying active is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and I feel lucky to help people on their journey to staying healthy. You will find me coaching classes and working with individuals of all ages!

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