Coach Image

Olivia Hjelm


Bench: 125 lbs

Deadlift 225 lbs

Flight Simulator 11:40


American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR & AED)

CrossFit Level 1

National Registered EMT (EMSRB)

About Coach

Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast training 20 hours every week. The summer after I graduated high school and finished my gymnastics career, I joined the CrossFit gym near my house because a friend from my gymnastics team told me to. I am so glad I decided to give it a try. Before I finished my first class, I knew this was the right exercise style. Gymnastics was a very physically demanding sport, but unlike CrossFit, it needed to be more sustainable. CrossFit is a form of sustainable training that also includes a couple of gymnastics movements (my favorite part). When I started learning how to coach, I was always asking about how to improve my own training. I wanted to know what to strive for and the steps to get there. I asked many questions and was constantly watching videos online about how professional athletes train. Through my mentors, I learned how to improve over time. My mentors continuously inspire me to push myself to new limits as an athlete and a coach.

Turning Point

Throughout high school, I struggled with my self-image. Although I trained for over 20 hours in the gym every week, I couldn't help but compare myself to my teammates. I started to develop an unhealthy habit of overtraining, eventually leading to preventable injuries. It wasn't until I joined a CrossFit gym the summer after my final gymnastics season that I realized how typical different body types are. I started to understand I could still be physically fit and look different than others. Through CrossFit, I learned how to appreciate my unique strengths and discovered a passion for sharing my story with others.

Motivation & Passion

I've known I wanted to coach and teach others for a long time. Throughout my career as a gymnast, I couldn't wait until I was old enough to work at my gymnastics gym and start teaching young kids the sport I had fallen in love with many, many years ago. I spent four years coaching preschoolers all the way to high school teams. My favorite part of coaching gymnastics was watching a young gymnast complete a new skill they had spent months practicing. After I started training at a CrossFit gym, my passion grew. I wanted to learn everything I could about CrossFit, and I eventually went to get my CF-L1 certification so I could coach classes at my gym. The gym I went to at the time was for kids ranging from second grade to high schoolers. Again, I felt no greater joy than when an athlete hit a new PR or crushed a workout. I am passionate about coaching to spread my love for sustainable exercise and motivate others to push themselves to new limits.

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